Gold 132

We don’t always have the opportunity to plan our meals with the right foods for healthy eating, such as fruit and vegetables, in mind. Furthermore your GP may suggest supplementing your vitamin intake in all sorts of circumstances and at all ages.

PharmaVital’s GOLD 132 Super German capsules contain a rich complex of ingredients with natural extracts and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress and promotes the healthy functioning of the immune system. A vitamin C deficiency can result in a weakening of the immune system and can lead to an infection.

Our Gold 132 capsules also contain organic germanium that has many uses. It can help with a number of aches and pains. It helps to strengthen the immune system as a whole and increases the use of oxygen by the cells. It also helps the body to normalise its basic physiological functions, for example, reducing raised blood pressure to healthy levels – but no further.