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Our philosophy

It is recommended for an adult to eat fruit five times a day , animal protein once per day and three times a week fish. If one were to follow such advice , it gets an one-sided diet plan fast.

Of course it is healthy to eat fruits and vegetables. However, not everyone in our society has whether by time pressure or other circumstances the possibility to constantly adhere to such guidelines. Vitamin and mineral supplements can fill the gap here.

PharmaVital GmbH has taken on the task of offering high-quality supplements at affordable prices, in line with our motto „QUALITY AT HEALTHY PRICES“. To achieve our goal, we market our German-manufactured products at home and abroad.

In addition to our own product line, we also carry products of partner companies and, as a general agent, distribute these products in various Eastern European countries. An ever-increasing demand ensures reasonable prices. We compensate for rising costs by high volume production. This includes producing private labels for retailers. PharmaVital GmbH will thus be able to continue offering products at affordable prices.