Pharma Vital GmbH is the result of decades of experience in the supply of pharmaceuticals and remedies to pharmacies and hospitals at home and abroad. Our trained employees know precisely what is important to you, and fulfil your wishes with many years of experience and competence. In order that we can concentrate on you and the tasks you assign to us, we have entrusted our complete logistics to a globally active partner. We not only manufacture our remedies and treatments, we also produce your own brands.

We manufacture products with your name or trademark on your behalf, according to particularly favourable terms. We can quickly furnish you with a quotation, no more than 48 hours after receiving your inquiry. However, we not only manufacture your product, we also generate all the necessary documents, trading applications and you also receive the requisite certificates through us.

In recent times, own brands have become a high priority. Every major company works with a “private label”. Due to our long-term experience on the pharmaceuticals market and our extensive production services, we can even offer to produce own brands for small companies with low unit quantities. All of our contract partners are certified down to the last detail.