Lutein Eye Capsules

Our eyes are subjected to extreme demands every single day. They have a lot to cope with and compensate for: too much or too little light (UV radiation), dry air, nicotine, or extreme temperatures. Long car journeys, long periods of reading, little sleep and too much TV are particularly stressful for the eyes. As the years go by, our vision deteriorates.

To counteract this process, our eyes need a variety of vitamins. Even while we are children, we learn how important vitamin A is for good vision. However, our eyes also depend on vitamins C and E, as well as the trace element zinc.

Zinc especially is extremely important for the metabolism and, together with vitamin A, extremely important for the optic nerve. Our bodies are unable to produce these nutrients themselves. Healthy nutrition is therefore essential for healthy living and healthy eyes right into old age. Symptoms of deficiency and daily requirements can be covered with suitable preparations such as our eye capsules.